Sacred Circle

Mentorship Program

with Morgan Webert


Starts Feb 6, 2023 


10 months  10 Women 

Transformation, Empowerment, Connection 

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Women's Circle 

Each month connect with an inspiring and supportive group of women sharing the journey to live a heart and soul centred life in the modern world.



Holistic Counselling Session

Each month receive a Holistic Counselling & EFT Tapping Session with Morgan to  personalise your wellbeing journey, break through limiting beliefs and design a truly inspired life. 


Online Content

Lifetime access to transformational online programs and practices for living a vibrant life combing the ancient wisdom of meditation, yoga & Ayurveda with the modern wisdom of neuroscience and somatic psychotherapy.


Your Year to Transform! 

Let go of old patterns that keep you feeling small, unwell or unsatisfied.

Step into the more expanded, joyful and empowered version of yourself. 

Learn to deeply self care and self love, honour your inner wisdom and align to what matters most to you. 

This is a commitment to yourself that will change your life! 

Sacred Circle

We will create a sacred circle of women who hold each other with open hearts, respect and support. 

Through monthly group meetings, private Facebook group and more we will cheer each other on and hold each other accountable.

We will laugh, cry, inspire and share our collective wisdom

  • Online/Zoom: First Monday of each month at 7pm (Sydney time).

Together we are stronger.

Online Program & Practices

Short weekly video lessons will guide you on a journey to vibrant health. 

Learn to integrate wellbeing and empowerment practices into your daily life.

The course systematically cultivates  vibrant health through mindfulness, meditation, yoga, Ayurvedic nutrition, self care practices, EFT Tapping, Heart Math and more. 

Plus get access to Home Practice Head Quarters, a vault of meditations, practices, tutorials and more. 

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Jacqui Hammond

"I cannot recommend Morgan highly enough! I have completed a few of her programs and her Counselling EFT Tapping sessions are run with her signature expertise, understanding, gentleness and generosity.

I have had insights and experiences during Morgan's sessions that have helped me to overcome limiting beliefs and move forward into new life stages with confidence. Morgan is absolutely fabulous!"

Robyn Attwood

"The breadth and depth of Morgan’s expertise and care is difficult to quantify. She has helped me open up to vast opportunity and peace of mind and every aspect of my life has improved. I now have the skills to appreciate the undulating and ever changing nature of life. I have learnt to recognise my own gifts and my own self talk and wow does that change everything!!

I work in the health industry with a science and management background and I can’t recommend Morgan’s expertise enough. Her own educational background, combined with her holistic, nurturing approach to helping people to improve their physical and emotional health really does work."

Milly Zee

"I have had the privilege of working with Morgan in a number of capacities. I’ve attended her yoga classes, the Transformation and Sacred Circle program and both group and individual EFT therapy sessions.

Morgan oozes calm, I always feel very accepted and grounded in her presence. Her wisdom and extensive training around yoga, meditation and Ayurveda has made her a highly skilled practitioner and I will definitely be seeking Morgan out for guidance in the future."

This is for you if...

  • You are ready for deep and powerful personal growth this year, held and supported by other women doing the same.
  • You are ready to commit to and deeply care for yourself.
  • You are ready to listen deeper and align to the ancient rhythms of the Earth.
  • You are ready to break old limiting beliefs and habits and imprint new perspectives that serve your highest good.


  • 10 Holistic Counselling Sessions (valued at $150 each)
  • 10 monthly Sacred Circle Group Sessions (valued at $30 each)
  • Lifetime access to Online Transformation Course (valued at $695)
  • Tapping Into Heart Online Course (valued at $333)
  • Lifetime Access to Online Home Practice Head Quarters (valued at $15/month)
  • An invaluable life changing year!

All for only $185/month for 10 months

Spaces limited and book out quickly. 

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