Hi, I’m Morgan

Holistic Counsellor, EFT Therapist as well as Meditation & Yoga Teacher 


I believe EVERYONE is a valuable light in this world regardless of past trauma, challenges or history. 

I’m here to reflect that light back to you and support you with professional tools to navigate the challenging emotions, histories and events that may dim your light.

As a qualified counsellor and yoga meditation facilitator I combine all that I’ve studied over the past 20 years in wellness, mindfulness and neuroscience and deliver it with deep compassion and an embodied approach

I’ve always hated being put in a box and I won’t try to force you into one. I believe we each need to discover what makes us shine as individuals, and then use all the tools we’ve got to build a life that supports that vision.

I’ve learned that it’s not about being perfect or following some set of rules, a vibrant life is about balance and deeply listening to our individual needs. 

This means taking responsibility for our wellbeing – mind, body and spirit – and learning how to respond compassionately and intelligently to ourselves and others.

I believe we are all spirits on a human journey, and remembering that helps us navigate the journey. 

When you work with me we’ll peel back layers of illusions and limiting beliefs so you can see your inner light and deeper truth. 

You’ll also learn simple tools to support daily mental and physical balance in a spiritually connected way. 

I know that it’s not all easy…the journey can be hard. I’ve had many of my own struggles – autoimmune disorder, depression, anxiety, insomnia, eating disorder, traumas, career woes and the ups and downs that everybody goes through.

Because of that I’m not afraid to sit with your struggles, and I also know you are more than your struggles

A few principles I live by:

  • Everything can be healed with compassion. 
  • Life is an accumulation of days, so how we live each day is how we create our life. 
  • It’s about the journey not the destination (cliche but true).
  • Love is the most powerful force in the world (especially self love).
  • Self care is not a luxury it’s a responsibility! The better we care for ourselves the better we care for the world. 
  • We ALL have a divine light within.

Reach Out

Please reach out for a free 15min discovery call to discuss your needs and learn about working with me.

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  • Diploma of Counselling, Registered with Australian Counselling Association ACA #15647
  • Certified Level 1&2 Emotional Freedom Technique Coach (EFT, “Tapping”), Registered with EFT International
  • Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy Certification
  • Advanced Matrix Re-imprinting Certification
  • Ayurvedic Health Coach Certification
  • Yoga & Meditation Teacher Certified 
  • Habit Science training with James Clear
  • Neuroscience advanced course with Dr. Joe Dispenza